Since 2016 Emzek Associates has taken initiatives in organising IFP® Program Trainings both in English and Bahasa Melayu for the certification by IBFIM. We have conducted special classes for Takaful Ikhlas participants in Bahasa Melayu to retake examinations by IBFIM. We also involved in the IFP® Challenge Status Program organised by Politeknik Metro JB for lecturers of Politeknik throughout the nation.

Financial Planning Association of Malaysia (FPAM) and Islamic Banking and Finance Institute Malaysia (IBFIM) as the owner of the certification program have appointed Emzek Associates as the Training Provider offering Islamic Financial Planner (IFP) Program in the East Coast Region. A preview session has been organised on 26 April 2019 in Kuantan as the mark of the cooperation between FPAM and IBFIM with Emzek Associates.




To make a training program exciting needs a lot of preparation and meticulous attention to detail. Nowadays, acquisition of knowledge requires ability of the facilitator to involve emotion as well as his mind. In order to make the training session spectacular and full of energy, it requires engagement of the participants. The participants will have fun while they are learning.

To reach this stage, first we need to unlearn the beliefs and habits that hold us back and get them superseded by others that help us achieve the success we look for. However, unlearning is not merely about giving away or expulsion; it is about rejecting a previously held belief or repudiating a long revered theory which must be cautiously handled as it can pose a threat to any learner. We need to put some effort into our personal growth and development, because we want the enormous satisfaction that comes from working with others to help them reach their potential as human beings.

We organise a 5-day Train-the-Trainer Program for you to reach that goal.

This program which certified by HRDF shall be conducted and facilitated by our Master Trainer, Tuan Hj Tajodin Sanusi, a pioneer in Train the Trainer Program. After the 5-Day course, you should be able to identify the various characteristics of adult learning principles as per research by Kolb as well as Honey Mumford. You also should be able to demonstrate how to deliver a training program using various technologies such as our own as well as Georgi Lasanov’s and creating tools for their presentation. By acquiring the skill, you should be able to make good presentation utilizing all the methodology, tools and concepts that were given to you for the whole program.

Our next intake for the TTT Program shall be in August 2019.


The 5-day Basic Certification Program conducted by our Master Trainer, a Certified NLP Trainer, Ungku Azlan Ungku Chulan. Having fulfilled the requirements given by NFNLP, participants shall be awarded with a Basic NLP Practitioner Certificate by the National Federation of Neuro Linguistic Psychology (NFNLP), USA, and signed by the founder himself, Dr. William Horton. With this certification, the participants shall qualify to attend the Master Practitioner Program conducted by NFNLP.

We organised In-house NLP for Islamic Financial Professionals in 2018 attended by some of our Senior Trainers. We would like to invite all the financial professionals to acquire the set of practical skills and insights that you can use to improve how you communicate with others, manage

your moods and live a more rewarding life. We offer 5 days of training that will teach you how to shape what you want, how to make better choices and how you can relate to others more effectively. In this certified course, you will learn the bulletproof thinking that allows you to manage your emotions effectively, communicate persuasively and create excellence in most areas of life.

In 2019 we are introducing Basic Islamic NLP (I-NLP) Practitioner Program in the coming event. Islamic NLP (I-NLP) is actually NLP with an Islamic perspective, where we integrate the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) into the basic frameworks of NLP. We will show you how you can easily practice NLP and the Sunnah in your life. Participants who have fulfilled the requirements given by the I-NLP Training Malaysia (INTiM) shall be awarded a Basic I-NLP Practitioner Certificate by INTIM, and signed by the founder himself, Azlan Chulan, and also the Basic NLP Practitioner Certification by National Federation of Neuro Linguistic Psychology (NFNLP), USA, and signed by the founder himself, Dr. William Horton.